Kano Otava lengde 460 cm

The canoe OTAVA is a three-seater boat designed for 2 adults and 1 child. The middle seat can be easily removed. This enables variable use of the boat for canoeing with 3 passengers on small lakes or 2 passengers on rivers transporting baggage in the released space. It is best suited for use in calm and less rapid waters. The flat and pointed shape of the bottom provides more stability and at the same time direction to the boat. The Canoe Otava is most valued by those who enjoy a peaceful and comfortable ride. The Canoe is produced from fibreglass. The construction of the boat bottom is made with layers (a so called sandwich) with 3 directive keels. This way the structural design of the bottom attains an optimal relation of resilience and firmness. Otav is equipped with 3 wooden seats. Foam polyurethane in the prow and bow secure the canoe from sinking. It is possible to order the canoe furnished with wickerwork seats. Length: 460 cm Wide: 80 cm Height: 55 cm Weight: 32 kg Maximum load: 240 kg
Bredde 80 cm
Høyde 55 cm
Lagerstatus: Ubegrenset antall
8.299,00 NOK
Kano Otava lengde 460 cm
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