Kano Vydra lengde 460 cm

The tourist 2 seats canoe VYDRA is designated for the more sporty lovers of water tourism. It is appropriate for riding rapid streams to a difficulty WW 2. The covered bow and prow and the shape of the rim-skirt facilitate a safe ride on rapids by preventing flooding the canoe. The priorities of this boat are its agility and ease of handling, which grants smooth rides of rivers with narrow meanders. The canoe Vydra is produced from fibreglass. To retain sufficient firmness along with resilience it uses a sandwich construction of the bottom, including multiple applications of layers on the keel on the boat. It is provided with 2 seats and footing on board for tying baggage to a chamber filled with polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam filled bow and prow to secure boat from sinking. The increased firmness of the skeleton does not require a traditional brace in the rim. The option to equip the boat with wickerwork seats is available. Rozměry Length: 460 cm Wide: 80 cm Height: 43 cm Weight: 30 kg Maximum load: 200 kg
Ikke på lager (Levering: ?? dager)
Bredde 80 cm
Høyde 43 cm
7.990,00 NOK
Kano Vydra lengde 460 cm
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