Kano Niagara lengde 500 cm

The NIAGARA is a four-seated lake canoe designed for family recreation on standing waters. It can be used also for navigating deeper, less rocky streams. Everyone who appreciates a peaceful and pleasant ride values this canoe. Its priorities are considerable stability, good directional guidance and high displacement. The boat is provided with Kevlar reinforcement at its ending points and four wickerwork seats, which together create a full comfortable ride. As a special order, the boat can be furnished with air tied chambers. 
Length: 500 cm Wide: 102 cm Height: 67 cm Weight: 37 kg Maximum load: 420 kg
Bredde 102 cm
Høyde 67 cm
Lagerstatus: Ubegrenset antall
8.990,00 NOK
Kano Niagara lengde 500 cm
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